As part of the IO1 MYSS e-courses for teachers, a need analysis was carried out to understand the real needs of primary and secondary school teachers for conducting distance learning. The common findings can be synthesised as follows:

  • In order to improve the delivery of distance learning activities, it is crucial to improve the internet connection and equip students with the right technological tools to effectively follow the lessons.
  • It is essential to train teachers in the use of e-learning platforms and educational applications by providing them with training courses on digital skills and interactive materials.
  • It is very important to give pedagogical and psychological training to teachers in order to increase interaction, dialogue and empathy with students. Digital tools to enhance individual or group communication are recommended.
  • There is a need to improve student convocation during lessons by applying methodologies such as flipped classroom, brainstorming, use of videos and educational games.
  • Digital tools or platforms should be designed and programmed to provide rapid feedback in case of problems.
  • At the basis of the effectiveness of distance learning is the application of new and flexible methodologies, new learning programs tailored to the type of student, innovative interactive methods to increase student motivation, as well as the involvement of parents in the educational path of their children.

In short, it emerges how technology can and should enhance and accelerate teaching. A conscious use of digital tools that can be put at the service of children, informed, curious, creative and free. Teachers capable of changing methodology, vocabulary and tools can represent a source of wealth for the entire educational community.

The results of the Italian, Greek and Romanian national analyses are available for download: