The views of some Greek students on MYSS platform.


My Smart School e-platform and its numerous functionalities, targeted for primary and secondary schools, has been tested by more than 50 teachers and 100 students from Italy, Greece and Romania. In one of the previous articles, we learned about teachers’ direct experiences in testing the digital tools. Today we are presenting instead the opinion of some students about their experience during the pilot phase.
Dimitris M., a 15-year-old 3rd grade student from Nikaia Gymnasium, Greece, commented, “I am a hard-working student and I was really curious about the use of the platform and the lesson prepared for us. It resembled the platform we used during the pandemic, but it seemed more playful and fun. I learned to use it very easily and saw that there were many things designed to make the lesson more interesting that both teachers and students could use for lessons, such as quizzes, mind maps, videos, etc.. I think I would need more time to discover its full potential. It was quite challenging for us to try to answer our teacher’s questions in this way, using the tools suggested for the platform. It would be interesting if we were asked to submit our assignments in this way, because we would have the opportunity to use the MYSS platform more and get to know it better.”
Vassilis B., a 15-year-old student from the 3rd Gymnasium in Nikaia, Greece, said, “I really like technology and I am very interested in everything that has to do with it. Kids my age are used to communicating through platforms both to play and to learn, especially after the pandemic. I would like to continue learning through a platform like MYSS because it reminds me of a gaming environment, even though it is used for learning purposes. It is a lot of fun to follow the lessons using the videos and staff offered by the platform to make the lesson easier and more interesting. Even now that we are back to school and our traditional way of teaching in the classroom. I think it would be nice to use the MYSS platform occasionally to try different and non-monotonous ways of lecturing.
Both students agree on the significance of the MYSS platform and they seem quite enthusiastic about it. They expressed their wish to work more on it and confirmed the benefit of the digital tool for other students as well.