Strengths of the Intellectual Outputs.


The My Smart School project has seen the development and implementation of innovative resources and digital tools useful to enforce distance teaching and learning. Its main aim has been the achievement of three Intellectual Outputs, each endowed with specific strengths.

IO1, consisting in detailed e-courses for teachers, has been useful to help teachers approach distance teaching, above all for those teachers who were not much used to digital tools, thanks to its step-by-step guide on how to use the MYSS e-platform and all its functions. Its partition in different activities and related tasks has also been useful to gain effectiveness in teaching, above all in the definition of objectives, needs of the different target groups and analysis of learning materials and outcomes. Its main outcome has been the strengthening of teachers’ methodological skills.

In IO2 the use of MYSS e-platform has been extended to students, who have taken part to one of the pilot tests. Their direct involvement has been really important to make them feel part of the project, strengthening their learning process as a consequence. Besides students’ expectations in the use of the MYSS platform have been satisfied, thanks to the flexibility of tailored and easy to use learning material.

Last but not least, IO3 – Diaries and recommendations – has seen the creation of a handbook of good practices, in which teachers from all the partner countries have exchanged their experiences in digital education, contributing to the creation of a new didactic approach and of a cooperative way of working. In addition, the presence in IO3 of a SAT (Self-Assessment Tool) for teachers has been relevant for a critical self-assessment of their work.