MYSS project: some direct feedback from Romanian teachers’experiences in the South-Muntenia Region.


In the last two years, with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, school education has been affected at global level. Education in Romania tried to resist, struggling from a traditional education (organized “face to face”) in the classroom, to a new (and often unknown) online environment. In every county, the educational apparatus has learned to adapt in a distance learning format and, nowadays, online schooling is becoming a daily routine for teachers, students and parents. Considering this context, MYSS project contributes to the continuous adaptation and training of teachers, providing innovative methods and new best practices at national and international level. Until now, several teachers from South-Muntenia Region (associated to our project team), contributed to the realization of the modules for teachers within MYSS project activities, taking part of the pilot test for the courses created. All teachers were actively involved and they were very glad to learn new issues related to the online school experience and to new ICT tools (like new apps for online teaching). In the last weeks, we had the occasion to collect some feedbacks from Romanian teachers, mostly from Targoviste (county of Dambovita) which directly participated to the IO1 pilot test phase. Let’s resume some of their impressions.

Alina Bidireanu, professor of Economics at “Ion Ghica College” in Targoviste, told us that “The MYSS project seemed very interesting and even really helpful: I consider that the theoretical notions were explained very well in the course content by concrete examples and I was pleasantly surprised to experiment – with various courses’ applications – in my class”.
Izabela Pîrvulescu, professor of Economics at “Ion Ghica College” in Targoviste, declared that “The MYSS project was very useful to me and provided me with interesting and well-organized information. The project was adapted to the current needs and offered me the possibility of a quality professional training. Through the project, the optimal conditions for my own development were created”.
Daniela Mariuței, professor of Mechanics and Entrepreneurial education at the “High School (with Sports Program)” in Campulung Muscel, said that “this project gave me the opportunity to learn through practice. We learned how to approach video lessons, how to provide emotional support to students, and how parents can be properly involved in online education. This project is very useful to me and I appreciate the fact that I learn new things about the online school experience: until now I learned about the usefulness of many applications and about the steps to make a video presentation. I am looking forward to new activities within MYSS project!”.
Cristina Tanislav, professor of General Economics at “Ion Ghica College” in Targoviste, told us that: “In this period, when we are witnessing major changes in the educational process, both at the organizational level and at the class level, digitalization acquires major importance. MYSS project came to support Romanian teachers, so that online education is starting to take place, adapting teaching-learning methods and procedures at our school level. This change brings several benefits for teachers and students. Digital tools have the role of facilitating the learning process, to make it more attractive, being easy to use”.
Mihaela Enache Serb, professor of Economics at “Ion Ghica College” in Targoviste, told us that: “In my opinion, MYSS project is extremely well planned, organized, interactive, easy to implement in class and attractive for educational current needs in the information age we are living. I think it is tailored to the individual needs of the participants. This course focuses on using the Moodle platform, the materials were accessible to all participants, and the tasks were easy to be solved”.
Cristina Enache, professor of Economics at “Ion Ghica College” in Targoviste, declared that “I found this project interesting and useful for my future teaching activity. Some online tools used in the project were already familiar to me, others not (lots of them are simple to apply in class and attractive). I consider that, overall, the activity carried out within the project has significantly improved my knowledge”.
Livia Puscoiu, professor of economic disciplines at “LPS Campulung Muscel”, told us that “The MYSS project was very useful for me, because it introduced me to the new educational tools, developing my ICT and e-learning skills. The project offered me the opportunity to improve my teaching activity, contributing to my own professional training”.
Camelia Caciula, professor at the “High School (with Sports Program)” in Campulung Muscel, said that, thanks to MYSS activities with teachers “I will approach the video lessons much easier, the steps for making a video presentation seem much simpler to me. I have gained experience in everything that online school means. I’ve learned that you can improve your professional life, and for all those around you”.
Carmen Ana Pahontu, professor of Geography and History at the Economic College “Ion Ghica” from Targoviste, said that:”This Erasmus project course is very well organized, accessible, interactive and easy to use. The materials were well structured, all tasks are easy to be solved. This course helped me a lot to improve my class activity”.

As one of the Romanian partners, the network of schools located in South-Muntenia Region and coordinated by Cenform, demonstrated to be honored and very interested in being involved in the project “MY Smart School” (MYSS) implementation. Teachers – especially from the county of Dambovita – look forward to new MYSS projects actions, to be extended also to other teachers and headmasters active in the South-Muntenia Region (in the counties of Prahova, Giurgiu, Ialomita and Arges).