MYSS project: Results of the 2nd pilot with teachers.


Throughout the project duration, piloting activities are crucial to get direct feedback from our target groups and improve project results according to teachers and students’ needs.

In the first week of March 2022, we started our 2nd pilot with teachers to test the features implemented within the MYSS e-platform. Such features have been developed to provide professors with useful tools to improve the quality of online teaching and to increase the active participation of students in distance learning.

During the pilot, 63 teachers of Italian, Greek and Romanian primary and secondary schools started using the e-platform to create courses and modules to be later presented in class with students. Teachers had the opportunity of creating different kinds of modules, like quizzes, homework exercises, external resources (to be uploaded within the platform), presentation’ slides, infographics, webinars, and many others. The aim of this pilot was to let teachers familiarise with the resources and tools of the e-platform, and to collect their feedback and suggestions for further improvements of the online area.

In order to facilitate teachers’ experience in using the MYSS platform, the partners of the project developed a step-by-step guide (translated in all partners language) on how to use the platform and all the functions. Moreover, to the same purpose, the MYSS consortium developed video tutorials to visually explain how to navigate within the platform and how to use all the features implemented. Both the guidelines and the video tutorials are freely available on the project website.

From the first analysis of the evaluation questionnaires, professors seem to be enthusiastic about this platform encompassing so many features within the same space and are satisfied with the evaluation and graphic creation tools. Certainly, the needs of elementary school teachers versus secondary school teachers may vary and this is reflected in the evaluation of individual tools but we are happy that the vast majority of teachers in the three countries has appreciated the effort of the partners.

All that remains is to test the online area with the students, collect their important feedback and proceed to the improvements of the platform in order to deliver an innovative product, functional and usable even after the end of the project.