MYSS – between expectations and perspectives: the Ciugud’s teachers point of view.


A transnational meeting within the MYSS-MY Smart School project- distance learning educational methodologies and tools for teachers, students and school environments took place between 18-20 May 2022 in Catania, Italy. We, Paven Georgeta Maria and Schiau Ana Nicoleta, were the representative teachers of the Ciugud Secondary School.

During this meeting we lived unforgettable moments, being a very pleasant experience. There we were in a position to communicate and interact with new and culturally different people. We were warmly received by the organizers of the meeting and a beautiful collaboration was quickly created with all the colleagues present.

The experience offered during this meeting was by far the most interesting so far. Here we met new people and places, who filled our souls with joy and who offered us the opportunity to experiment. This meeting within the project was about people, friendship and the courage to look to new horizons.

Participating in this Erasmus project is a wonderful experience. Through this project we managed to accumulate new working knowledge that will be necessary for the field in which we operate. We also discovered new information about the education system in the other two countries involved in the project: Italy and Greece. We discovered ways of organizing and thinking different from those in Romania, but which could be adapted in our country.

This project means for us challenge, work, knowledge, personal development, intercultural development, responsibility and success. We are proud to have had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful people, and eager to work together to form a united team, in order to achieve the proposed objectives. The wonderful experience we had was a great opportunity to evolve and we would love to repeat it anytime.