IO3 – Diaries and recommendations questionnaires: the experience of Liceo Majorana’s teachers.


 The conduct of the questionnaire on the IO3 “Diaries and recommendations” by the teachers of the Liceo Majorana, also participating in the simulation of the MYSS platform, allowed them to make a critical synthesis of teaching activity, before and after participation in the project.

First of all, the teachers were able to perceive and, consequently, to highlight the importance of the cooperative attitude among equals. This is equally valid both in the study-learning activities between students and in the same professional activity of teachers. In the first context, students are encouraged to set up genuine synergistic study groups, simulating a real (hypothetical) working environment (“team-work”); in the second context, teachers promote collaboration in all phases of programming, with particular regard to the innovative aspects of teaching, aspects related both to the use of the versatile multimedia environment and the adoption of new teaching strategies.

Secondly, but closely related to the previous aspect, the participating teachers had the opportunity to make a critical self-assessment of their operational limits, within their professional action, proposing to overcome them, in positive and positive terms. The increasingly rapid changes in the intellectual processes of the current generations of “millennial” students, obliges us to constantly update content and strategies, without necessarily abolishing the traditional teaching approach, but reviewing it in the light of the new social and interpersonal dynamics in which adolescents are immersed and from which they are irresistibly conditioned. It is known that increasing the student’s “curiositas” and the consequent inner motivational stimulus towards the knowledge and skills of a specific discipline, is the most challenging goal that a teacher can propose. Often unfavorable family contexts and the action of powerful mass distractions (including the “social media” themselves) are powerful factors that often contrast with this goal. However, it is likely (desirable) that collaborative and self-responsibilizing teaching can foster new motivational insights, at least in part of modern students.

Finally, the questionnaire, which complemented the complex activities envisaged by the project, provided a powerful stimulus to develop new educational paths, in order to improve the motivation of pupils and their effectiveness-efficiency in active learning processes.