Development of MYSS e-course for teachers on online teaching.


Over the last few months, MYSS partners have gathered their efforts to design a detailed course curriculum for teachers. The e-course is based on the needs previously highlighted in the national needs analysis reports from Italy, Greece and Romania. Our course includes 4 thematic modules:

  1. How to approach online classes: gaining access to technology, knowledge construction and collaborative learning and practical approaches to video teaching
  2. How to reshape a training curriculum to the needs of the 21st century: analysis of today’s students needs and 21st century requirements and how to adapt existing teaching materials to online classroom
  3. How to provide emotional support: students’ motivation, daily online psychological support
  4. How to properly involve parents in the educational framework: technical support, task involvement, ensuring ICT infrastructures

Our e-course addresses teachers of all backgrounds and will improve their digital literacy skills.

We are glad to welcome teachers from Italy, Romania and Greece to share their opinions on our courses. We will optimize our courses according to their precious feedback. After a pilot phase, the course will officially be launched and will be available for free. This first project result will be available in English, Italian, Romanian and Greek languages.