Conclusions and opinions of the teachers from the South Muntenia region participating in the MYSS IO3 activities.


The participation of teaching staff from the South Muntenia Region in the IO3 activity of MYSS project by completing the informational questionnaire, to complete the complex activities provided by the project, highlighted the fact that the use of new technologies in education through the MYSS platform, primarily targets those elements that lead to an acquisition better knowledge from various fields, to the formation and development of abilities, skills and thinking capacities specific to school subjects, but also transdisciplinary, to the modeling of behaviors and attitudes of the citizens of the knowledge society. Closely related to digital competence, the e-learning concept introduced by MYSS covers an expanding reality, at the intersection of pedagogy and technological developments. By MYSS, we understand, in a broad sense, the totality of educational situations with a significant ICT component, which fully exploits digital competence in the didactic plan. Moreover, the implementation of ICT skills through the MYSS platform in the didactic disciplines is aimed at stimulating and intensifying communication at all levels (teacher-student, student-student, student/community/society). The surveyed teachers came to the conclusion that the e-learning promoted through the MYSS platform does not want to replace the traditional educational systems but to strengthen the learning process. In general, e-learning has been adopted by educational institutions as an alternative to traditional education, it can complement the didactic activity in the school, but it cannot replace it, and this is also the meaning of the MYSS educational platform. This type of platform is intended for active learning on the part of students, considering that the current generations are used to working with computers from a young age. As teachers, we can use this ability of students to get them to use their free time constructively, with activities specific to each subject or curriculum area.
As advantages of the MYSS platform compared to the traditional education system mentioned by the teachers from South Muntenia would be various pedagogical methods – the MYSS modules are based on various pedagogical methods, because it was concluded that, in general, a diversified educational material is retained 80% through listening, viewing and interactivity; the individualization of the learning process (each student has his own rhythm and style of assimilation), the completion of the courses can be done gradually and repeatedly, benefiting from fast and permanent feedback. Among the disadvantages, they mention the fact that the MYSS modules require experience in the field of using computers; – high costs for design and maintenance.
In conclusion, the teachers’ participation in IO3 concluded the fact that MYSS offers opportunities for learning, training and programs with the help of electronic means that are to the liking of the students. Also, the MYSS modules are easily accessible, and stimulate participation in the educational process.