4th Transnational Meeting in Greece.


On 15 and 16 September, the My Smart School consortium held its 4th transnational meeting in Greece. IDEC hosted the partners of the project in Piraeus, where its headquarters are located. Motivated to achieve the best possible results, the project consortium had fruitful discussions in which each partner actively participated. These discussions focused on the dissemination of the project and its outputs as well as the next steps to be taken.

During the first part of the meeting, VITECO as the project leader informed all the partners of the progress of the project so far, the activities that have been completed and those that need to be carried out in the following months. In addition, particular attention was given to the initiatives to improve the online platform of the project as the main objective of the consortium is to create a functional and beneficial platform for its users.

Cenform ¬†reported on the third deliverable “Teachers’ Diaries and Recommendations ” which is close to completion. The 3rd deliverable is a useful guide for teachers, is accessible through the MYSS platform in English and is expected to be translated into 6¬† languages (Greek, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, French and German). In addition, Cenform set out the timeline to be followed regarding all the dissemination activities of the project. Social media are an integral part of our daily life and for this reason the MYSS project is constantly updating all its platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, project website) with project activities as well as interesting information material directly related to online learning.

Finally, IDEC as the quality assurance leader of the MYSS project analysed the success rates of the deliverables during their pilot phases with students and teachers. All deliverables so far have reached high qualitative rates and actions are initiated by the consortium in order to reach the maximum impact.

Having analysed in depth the themes of the meeting, each partner country is equipped with the necessary motivation to continue the productive work and bring about the desired results.

The meeting ended with a tour in the capital of Greece, Athens. The partners had the opportunity to get closer to Greek history, to see cultural heritage sites such as the Parthenon and to wander through the picturesque streets of the city. Through continuous communication and cooperation, the consortium hopes that the My Smart School project will leave its own imprint in the field of education.